To create a great work culture, you must be a company that leads from the front. This means the initiative must begin from the top of the tree – the leadership. Leaders aspire to create work cultures that match with their underlying vision. Eventually, this goes on to become part of the company’s work ethic. An engaged workforce stands out and attracts leading candidates as well as retains their top talent. It is estimated that by 2020, millennials will comprise over 50 percent of the global workforce.

Most companies are looking at what the top companies on the Fortune 500 are doing and replicating the module internally. Unfortunately, this module does not work out for everyone. Rather than blindly recreating what others are doing, it is prudent for any management team to investigate the pertinent conditions their employees want in the workplace including how they should be treated. To acheive that, they must investigate what they can implement to achieve a unique culture without sacrificing the company’s vision. Here are some reasons why work place surveys are the answer


Alignment in the Company and Employee Values

When interviewing any candidate, ask whether they make a great cultural fit. You can give someone the right training for a job, but you cannot change their attitude. Having a workforce with shared values is important. The employees who clearly understand the company values understand that they are representatives of the organization’s brand and culture to the outside world.


Encourage Positive Professional Relationships

A highly engaged workforce participates in events during gatherings where they connect and interact among themselves. This creates a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere where the employees are super excited whenever they show up to work. People with friends at work are more healthy and better performance at their work.


work placeFeeling of Belonging

When creating an engaging atmosphere, you must communicate to your employees that their work is appreciated and the management cares about their well-being. The best policy is always transparency in any organization. Keeping your employees in the know when it comes to information that affects them directly is key.


Reward Accomplishments

To deliver on engagement, you can add employee recognition to the strategy. Employees are cognizant to an appreciation of their work, healthy relationships at the workplace, balanced work-life, good relationships with bosses, job security, and many other factors.


Pride of Work

When you share with your employees how their contributions have contributed to the overall success of the company, they develop a feeling of pride that is good for the organization. You can even develop a system that tracks the achievement of employee goals while relating them to the company’s performance as a whole. Goal alignment helps all employees from the entry levels to the more experienced C-suite. Instead of feeling like a cog in a mega-machine, they can track how their work directly adds value.

With the right consulting group, you can carry out workplace surveys to ensure your employees receive the best response from management based on direct feedback from the investigative process. An engagement culture is directly related to a transparent and happy workforce – never forget.…

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Choosing the best mobile marketing service is not as easy as it sounds. The business market has become competitive that it needs a lot of innovativeness in all aspects that are related to the firm. One vital area that you cannot afford to ignore as a business owner is marketing. You need to market company and your products so that you get clients on every single day. One of the most powerful forms of marketing is the mobile marketing service. Talk to proximity marketing for all the mobile marketing service needs. Let us look at some of the tips that are critical when choosing the best mobile marketing service;

Best tips

Your needs


When you are shopping for the ideal mobile marketing service to use for your business, you need to evaluate your needs. Knowing what you will help you quickly choose a suitable package from the many packages that the companies are offering the mobile marketing service provider. This will help you in building your expectations and help you select which company will provide you with the desired services.


It is imperative that you consider the cost of the mobile marketing service before you commit yourself to one. One of the general thumb rules in life is that you must always draw a budget. A budget will save you a lot of pain and ensure that you spend within certain limits. It is critical to note that there are different types of agencies that have different pricing but offer almost the same services. Be sure that you choose an agency that best fits your budget.


Most of the mobile marketing service providers usually have different types packages that are meant to address the various needs of different clients. It is important to note that when we are talking about mobile marketing, we are not restricted to the sending of text messages alone. There are also other aspects of mobile marketing like calling, sending of videos, and completing reviews just but to mention a few. Carefully review the packages available and make sure that you choose the ideal one.

Platform and technology


Last but not least, look at the platform and technology that the agency is using. There are different programs and techniques that the digital companies use for their marketing service. It is always recommended that you go for the latest technology since it is likely to address your needs in the best way possible. Also, make sure that the platform that the company offers is compatible with your system.


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An impact wrench is a must-have tool in your garage, home or even in your car. This tool is used for tightening bolts and screws efficiently. You need to have the impact wrench tool to ensure work is done swiftly. When you plan to buy the impact wrench, you need to consider some factors so that you can make the right choice. There are many types of impact wrenches; they designed differently to handle various categories of bolts and screws. Beware that choosing the wrong tools might cause damage to your property and machinery; therefore, it is important taking a look at the best cordless impact wrenches before you buy. The following are some of the things you need to consider when purchasing the best impact wrench.



High Torque

Torque refers to the influence that changes the rotational movement of the screws. The torque power of an impact wrench is related to the energy required to exert the bolt. When you are looking for the best impact wrench, you need to choose a tool with high torque. High performance will help you in fixing your bolts right enough for the intermittent purposes.



A Higher Rotation per Minute

A perfect impact wrench should have a higher rotation per minute to increase the efficiency when you are working. Performance of the impact wrench depends on the rotations a tool can make per minute. An ideal tool should have a least 3000 rotations per minute. Tightening the bolts and screws relies on the rotations the impact wrench can make. When an impact wrench makes more rotations per minute, it translates to use of less energy when you are working because the cordless impact takes on the speed itself. On the other hand, a lower rotation per minute can cause delays in your project, and the bolts and screws cannot be tightened efficiently.


Higher Impact per Minute

Just like the rotations per minute, you need an impact wrench with a higher impact per minute because this tool requires a lot of contacts to ensure that the screws are pushed down to tighten or loosen it. When you are budgeting on a perfect impact wrench, ensure that you balance the torque, impact per minute and the rotations per minute because they work hand in hand to enhance the performance.


Choose a Great Brand

When you are out there looking for a perfect tool for your workshop, you need to consider buying from an excellent company. Remember that various companies design the impact wrenches; you must consider choosing a company that produces quality products. Make sure you look into the catalogs of multiple companies first and find a bright idea of the quality of products being sold.


impact wrech


You need to prioritize an impact wrench for the sake of extended use and easy to lift. Many impact wrenches are designed with a lightweight to fit all applications for simultaneous work. Lightweight also boosts easy mobility, and it is much better if you are using the tool to screw in the bolts with more force. It is better for the overall use because of the less strain on the wrist while working on heavy loads.…

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Women love mascara. This is a beautiful cosmetic which is employed in the highlighting the eyelashes and spicing their appeal. Contemporarily, they have become popular among women due to efficiency in creating the desired look. Generally, mascaras can are classified in three main forms including cream, liquid, and cake. These three ways are designed to create certain effects including darkening, lengthening or thickening. The embedded oils ensure that you are able to give your eyelashes the preferred shape.

Commonly mascara is applied after application of the rest of the make-up and is thereby considered to be the icing on the cake. The effect of this cosmetic is apparent and spontaneous hence the growing popularity. Indeed, it has become a necessity in every lady’s purse. But how exactly do you know the right mascara for you? How can you tell whether a mascara is suited for your lashes? These are pertinent questions you should ask yourself before investing in one. Whereas, the selection is not easy the following guidelines could be used to select the right mascara for your eyelashes.


Just like most cosmetics, the mascara comes in different colors and therefore you ought to be mindful of a shade that is perfect for you. It is recommended that you seek the help of a beautician or a salesperson in making this determination. Preferably and prevalently, it is better to use mascara that is the same color as your hair. For example, brunettes are advised to choose black whereas brown mascara is best worn by blondes. Also, the color of the mascara should be acceptable in your profession. Coloured mascara is not ideal for people that white-collar jobs. Glittered mascara is recommended for Partygoers or revelers due to the glitz and glamour involved.

The type

In the market, we have several types of mascara including lengthening mascara, thickening mascara, waterproof mascara and water-soluble mascara. Lengthening mascara is used to make the lashes look more defined and longer. Thickening mascara is applicable when for people that want lashes that are bulkier. They are enshrined with waxes which enable them to cause such effects. Waterproof mascara is used by swimmers or people in rainy conditions. Lastly, the water-soluble mascara is silk and also contains glycerin and therefore it is easily washable.


Applicability of mascara depends on the efficiency of the brush. In this case, it prescribed that you buy mascara that comes with straight brushes rather than curved ones.…

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Marketing for small business can be a tricky affair. Small business usually works with limited budgets, and the lack of proper structure makes it difficult to come up with a good marketing strategy. However, marketing for small business is very important. It is important for small business to have the right marketing strategy to advertise the business. No budget is too big or too small for advertising. Today we have a lot of advertising options, and you will be spoilt for choice when it comes to choosing an advertising method for your business.

How to advertise for small businesses

Modify your advertising

When it comes to advertising for small business, it is important to modify your advertising to your needs. You don’t have to use an advertising method that you saw other businesses use. Try using an advertising method that is ideal for your business. For instance, small business should use a different method of advertising from already established brands. When advertising for small businesses, you are introducing your brand, and you need to let the potential customers know what you are offering. This is something that is different from the kind of advertising done by big brands.


Try cheap advertising methods

For small business advertisement, the main advantage is usually finances. At this point, you need to make sure that save the money that you spent on advertising. You need to try budget-friendly advertising methods like online advertising. With online advertising, you will reach a lot of people but at a lower cost. You can always look for an online advertising agent if you do not have any skills or experience in internet advertising.

Use your initial customers to advertise

You will be surprised to know that you can use your initial customers for advertising. The way you serve and treat your initial customers will have a lot of influence on the success of your business marketing. The initial customer will spread the word around, and you don’t have to keep advertising your business. Many people trust word of mouth as the most common method of referral.


Hire a professional

Hiring a professional might not be an option for most of the small business because they are working with a small budget. However, it is important to hire a professional still to guide you through the process of advertising. You will be surprised to know that you will save more money at the end of the day.…

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You cat can eat some of the food meant for you. It is not a big deal. Unfortunately, the food that nourishes you well may not be the best for your kittens. Especially formulated cat food meant for fast growth in the cat’s body should be what you seek. A cat will prefer meat the meat if compared to other things. Some cats go rogue and steal chicken, beef or fish from the kitchen when you starve them so much. Moreover, you need adequately prepared meals for your cat to avoid the risk of the cat getting sick. Here are other considerations to make about cat foods. Furthermore, cat owners can consult this article for additional information on cat foods.


Dairy products

Most people want their cats to thrive and be friendly. Bad food can be the number one reason for an unfriendly cat. Dairy products when fed to cats create different metabolic responses that might harm the cat’s health. Frequent visits to the vet are a characteristic of a cat that is not getting the right food. Most cats will take milk comfortably for years. Some cats will not ingest milk. If you give your cat milk and it becomes sick, then immediately stop since the cat might be lactose intolerant.

No fruits or vegetables

ROTTEN FRUITCats are fussy eaters for a reason. Their stomachs are sensitive to any bad food. Rotten food may make them sick. When you give your pet the grapes, raisins, garlic, and onions or even chocolates and avocados available in your house, then you can expect them to be sick. These foods are toxic to the cat because the cat does not have a receptor for sweetness. The sweet attributes of any food given to the cat should only constitute less than 10 percent of the recommended calories intake of the animal. The best defense is to avoid such cat foods.

Cat food is the best remedy

Properly formulated cat food having all nutrients is a no-fuss way to feed your cat daily. Follow food preservation procedures on the package label. Give your cat the right amounts every day, and you should have nothing to fear about your cat’s food. A well-fed cat will take its time to play with rodents and to chase them away or kill them, and it will have nothing to do with the occasional theft of meats from your kitchen. It will also stay healthy because of the richness of nutrients it obtains from the factory processed and well-packaged dry or wet cat food that you buy.


Follow the considerations in this article whenever you mind your cat’s culinary needs. Furthermore, focus on the exhaustiveness of the nutrition package in the cat foods you purchase. The ingredients should be your top priority followed by the quality of packaging, then the shelf life of the product and finally the cost. Cats are precious pets that deserve tender loving care. You hold the power of becoming a preferable cat owner who casts digestive and health problems away from your cat.…

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Saturday and Sunday are two things that everyone always looks forward to during weekdays. If there is one thing that motivates you to work hard during all the meetings and paperwork it must be the chance to relax and unwind during the weekends. Take the forty-eight hours of opportunity to do things that let you distress and enjoy every minute of it. Here are some ideas for you to do aside from socializing with some friends because that can cost you your money and it’s tiring to go out.

Online shopping

online shopSpoiling yourself with shopping is not a bad thing to do. You have to make sure that you spend some of your money to buy things that you need or you want because that is the point of earning money, to be able to satisfy your dream items. Go to Avon Brochures to see if there is anything that you like because there is nothing more satisfying than online shopping and receiving the package later as if someone is sending you a gift although you are the one who paid for it.

Redecorate your room

When you have nothing to do, it is the perfect time to do projects that you have always wanted to do but never have the time for like decorating your living space. Look for inspirations on Pinterest and see what you can do with the resources that you have. Doing this will leave you with not a new room but at least a different atmosphere that can shoo away the boredom.

Watch movies or TV series

Feeling like doing absolutely nothing but you do not want to sleep? There are many movies that you might have missed last year. Pick a genre that you are feeling that day and just binge watches many movies in one day. There is nothing wrong with finishing a season of TV series in one day because life is too short not to continue watching if the show is good.

Use face mask

face maskPampering yourself can be a fun activity to do, you do not have to do anything crazy and complicated like a full manicure, just pick your favorite mask and use it while you do other things like chores or just lounging on the sofa. Not just that it is relaxing to put a face mask on, your skin will also improve, and you will look prettier after.…

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