To create a great work culture, you must be a company that leads from the front. This means the initiative must begin from the top of the tree – the leadership. Leaders aspire to create work cultures that match with their underlying vision. Eventually, this goes on to become part of the company’s work ethic. An engaged workforce stands out and attracts leading candidates as well as retains their top talent. It is estimated that by 2020, millennials will comprise over 50 percent of the global workforce.

Most companies are looking at what the top companies on the Fortune 500 are doing and replicating the module internally. Unfortunately, this module does not work out for everyone. Rather than blindly recreating what others are doing, it is prudent for any management team to investigate the pertinent conditions their employees want in the workplace including how they should be treated. To acheive that, they must investigate what they can implement to achieve a unique culture without sacrificing the company’s vision. Here are some reasons why work place surveys are the answer


Alignment in the Company and Employee Values

When interviewing any candidate, ask whether they make a great cultural fit. You can give someone the right training for a job, but you cannot change their attitude. Having a workforce with shared values is important. The employees who clearly understand the company values understand that they are representatives of the organization’s brand and culture to the outside world.


Encourage Positive Professional Relationships

A highly engaged workforce participates in events during gatherings where they connect and interact among themselves. This creates a fun-filled and exciting atmosphere where the employees are super excited whenever they show up to work. People with friends at work are more healthy and better performance at their work.


work placeFeeling of Belonging

When creating an engaging atmosphere, you must communicate to your employees that their work is appreciated and the management cares about their well-being. The best policy is always transparency in any organization. Keeping your employees in the know when it comes to information that affects them directly is key.


Reward Accomplishments

To deliver on engagement, you can add employee recognition to the strategy. Employees are cognizant to an appreciation of their work, healthy relationships at the workplace, balanced work-life, good relationships with bosses, job security, and many other factors.


Pride of Work

When you share with your employees how their contributions have contributed to the overall success of the company, they develop a feeling of pride that is good for the organization. You can even develop a system that tracks the achievement of employee goals while relating them to the company’s performance as a whole. Goal alignment helps all employees from the entry levels to the more experienced C-suite. Instead of feeling like a cog in a mega-machine, they can track how their work directly adds value.

With the right consulting group, you can carry out workplace surveys to ensure your employees receive the best response from management based on direct feedback from the investigative process. An engagement culture is directly related to a transparent and happy workforce – never forget.

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